Sammy Taylor ‘The Path of Possibilities: Overcoming Challenges and Embracing Your Potential’


Sammy Taylor is the founder of Beauty in the Brain and an award-winning mental health writer. Following brain surgery, a cerebellar stroke and facial paralysis, Sammy founded BITB as a way of incorporating daily motivational messages and inspiring a positive mindset despite hardships. After studying for years to become a chartered accountant, life revealed other plans. Instead, while recovering from surgery and learning the basics again, Sammy developed a passion for writing; sharing life lessons and supporting others facing adversity. She’s now on a mission is to inspire, empower. and support others to overcome setbacks and challenges, and change negative mindsets towards events which are out of our control.


Join Sammy Taylor as she shares her remarkable path from overcoming brain surgery to conquering obstacles. In her impactful talk, Sammy opens up about her own resilience, showing how embracing challenges can transform your life. Using engaging stories and insightful lessons, she’ll help you find your inner strength, recognise opportunities within difficulties and build unbreakable resilience. Sammy’s talk will empower you to face life’s uncertainties with newfound courage, bravery and determination. This workshop is adaptable to suit all age groups from Year 7-13.eir mental muscles for personal growth and interpersonal relationships.