Jermaine Harris ‘HAPPINESS’ & ‘Breakthrough Limiting Beliefs’ Workshops


It took a major car accident – and then one year later nearly having his leg amputated – to turn Jermaine Harris’ life around. Prior to this, Jermaine had been living a self-destructive lifestyle of excessive drinking, over-eating and gambling. At times, he drank as many as 24 bottles of wine and vodka per week, was in nightclubs 6 nights of the week, and was extremely unhealthy. Since then, Jermaine, who has a Psychology BSc (Hons) and MSc (Dist), has read over 400 self-help and business books in the space of 4 years and left behind his destructive lifestyle. In this time; Jermain, lost a stone of Body Fat, put on 10 Pounds of Muscle, cured himself of asthma, ran a Half Marathon and the London Marathon, started a Business, wrote a book, became an award winning speaker, met the woman of his dreams and is now a father.

Jermaine is now the fastest growing Inspirational Speaker in the UK, a firewalk instructor and the leading of provider of Empowerment Training in the Care Sector Overcoming, further adversity, Jermaine is a keen fundraiser for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust after his son was diagnosed with the condition at 4 weeks old in 2015. Jermaine, who is based in Cardiff, has condensed his experience and wisdom into his book ‘THE RUT BUSTER: The Secrets to Taking Control of Your Body, Money, Career and Life’.



‘HAPPINESS Workshop’
Guiding Students to a Brighter Tomorrow, Today. An all-encompassing session aimed at nurturing well-rounded students who thrive in every aspect of life: mentally, physically, and academically. Suits all age groups, 11-19.

• Holistic Approach: Addressing happiness, health, and goal-setting, our sessions provide students with a comprehensive toolkit to navigate life’s challenges.
• Personalized Workshops: Catered to all age groups, we customize our sessions to meet the unique needs and aspirations of each student cohort.
• Empowering Facilitators: Jermaine is committed to nurturing the next generation, blending expertise with genuine passion.

• Mindful Happiness: Dive deep into emotional intelligence, mindfulness techniques, and resilience-building exercises to foster genuine contentment from within.
• Health and Vitality: Empowering students to make healthier choices every day.
• Achievement Roadmap: Guided goal-setting workshops ensure students set, chase, and attain their dreams, both in academic pursuits and personal endeavors.
• Real-life Skills: Beyond academic prowess, students will gain life skills from time management to effective communication, ensuring success beyond the classroom.
• Inclusive Environment: Our sessions embrace diversity and promote inclusivity, ensuring every student feels seen, heard, and valued.



‘Breakthrough Limiting Beliefs Workshop’
Unlocking Potential, One Board at a Time. A revolutionary program designed to empower and inspire young minds, merging the disciplines of personal development and martial arts.

Suits Yr 10+ and requires an additional Consent and Release form to be signed by the students and their parents/guardians who wish to participate in the board-breaking activity.

• Break Through Barriers: Students will physically break martial arts boards, symbolizing their breaking free from the mental and emotional barriers holding them back.
• Limiting Beliefs Workshop: Our comprehensive sessions delve into the root of students’ limiting beliefs, helping them understand, challenge, and overcome self- imposed restrictions.
• Safe & Supervised: Every board-breaking session is conducted under the watchful eyes of certified professionals, ensuring safety and confidence at every step.

• Mindset Mastery: By confronting and breaking through physical boards, students tangibly experience the power of overcoming obstacles, instilling a can-do mindset.
• Physical Empowerment: In addition to the psychological benefits, students enhance their physical coordination, strength, and focus.
• Personal Growth: Through introspective exercises, students reflect on their own limiting beliefs, learning actionable strategies to surmount them.
• Team Building: Watching peers conquer their fears fosters a supportive environment, promoting camaraderie and collective triumphs.
• Safe Environment: All materials used are specially designed for safe breaking, minimizing risks and ensuring students’ well-being.