Dr Rosie Mead ‘Limitless Mind: Unlock your potential’


Dr Rosie Mead is a mental performance coach for pro basketball players as well as an expert in brain health. She has a breadth of knowledge in psychology and sociology which she applies to optimising mindset, habits and lifestyle for high performance. She is currently working with basketball players in the NBA, EuroLeague, EuroCup and BBL. Rosie was also the Mental Resilience coach for triathlon Guiness World Record holder Andy Stone. Rosie is known for her creative approach to high performance, seeking to optimise the mind to unlock limitless potential.


unlock your potential – provides insights into the ways our mindset can help or hinder our full potential, with some thought-provoking discussions, and real- life examples from Rosie’s work as a mental performance coach. Rosie shares the foundations of a variety of mental skills, she calls this the mental skills toolbox, which students can then start bringing into daily life in order to unlock their limitless potential.

Rosie adapts her session for all age groups, though it works especially well with Year 9, 10s, 11s and Sixth Formers.