Alain ‘Fusion’ Clapham FRSA ‘Forward is the motion; the path is negotiable’


Bio: lain ‘Fusion’ Clapham lives by the mantra: Forward is the motion; the path is negotiable. He has overcome many obstacles in life to carve out a unique career as a Transformative Storyteller who has presented shows on Sky, hosted events at Wembley Arena, interviewed the likes of Beyoncé, Dr Dre and Marvel- mastermind Stan Lee, and shared his story on the TED stage. Not bad for a shy kid with a big imagination who felt he had nowhere to share his ideas growing up. Today Alain is the founder of BMTstories – a platform that celebrates the ‘awesome everyday stories’ of black men and women – he works with a range of leading organisations including YouTube, Historic Royal Palaces and British Land and loves to empower others to shine.


I am a storyteller who enjoys taking audiences on a journey using interactive games, conversation, cultural stories, hip hop and spoken word. The session will include a freewriting and sharing session for students to share their own stories too.

The learner will understand…
• Why having a purpose is a crucial part of success
• How to make their own everyday story a source of empowerment
• How to build resilience and make the most of the opportunities that life presents us
• The importance of having the courage to walk your own path

The session can be tailored to meet the needs of any age group, though the target audience would be Year 8 – 11. It would also be beneficial for college students seeking to make career decisions. The session will benefit students of all abilities, as it is designed to build self-belief, resilience and inspire young people to take positive action. The session will be of particular value to…

• Emerging leaders and unique thinkers
• Young people who identify as introverts, those who may feel misunderstood • or are lacking in confidence.
• Young people struggling with aspiration and motivation
• Young people who are artistic / highly creative and seeking to better
• understand how to apply their talents